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Cool Experience is a Padi Five star Dive Center that offers a holistic approach on Scuba diving.

It owes its name to what diving with us actually is: one of the coolest experiences you can feel!

So grab your towels, put on your favorite smile and jump in “the water” to understand why diving with us is such a Cool Experience!

The coolest experience

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

For most divers this first breathe underwater is an unforgettable feeling since it opens the doors to another dimension!
What you will feel will be a truly unique experience! You will feel the “loss” of gravity the same way a NASA astronaut feels it, you will be totally free moving in any directions or dimension you wish!
At the same time you will use all your senses:

  • See another world full of fish, sea life, vivid colors, strange organisms
  • Touch the hot sand underwater, the rocks
  • Hear the noises of the underwater world
  • Feel the water becoming one with your body, feel the warmth of the sun rays as they pass through the water

Scan the code and download the Padi App to register for the program:

Now you have already done the first step to get certified!

We offer a broad range of certifications covering:

  • New Divers ( Open Water, Advanced, rescue)
  • Experienced Divers (Specialities, tec diving)
  • Divers that want to actively help the environment (Project aware specialties, Underwater Cleanups)
  • Technical Divers (When one tank is not enough)
  • First Aid courses and professional training with our partner site www.first-aid.gr
  • Specialised schools (Equipment specialist, Disabled Divers Support, Full face mask)
  • Use of ROV equipment

And, of course, we can train anyone to become a Pro ranging from Divemaster up to Instructor*

(Padi IDC program in cooperation with a PADI IDC center)

Think Blue Project!

Enviromental Awareness

In cooperation with Padi Aware, Think Blue Project, and environmental NGOs (Beach Cleaning AMKE, Deep Blue Project KOINSEP)

We call our program Think Blue project. Have a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility policy for the year 2023, download a poster with 10 tips for divers to protect the environment, participate in an 1 hour environmental workshop!

Every weekend, apart from our training sessions, we organise Fun Dives (Boat or Shore) also for our certified divers of any level (Open Water up to Tec divers). 

Moreover, with our Partner Site www.live2explore.gr we can organise customised dive trips packages,  anywhere in Greece or outside Greece with the specifications of our fellow divers.

Additional Services

DAN Insurance

Diving Safety Since 1983

Safety First! Although scuba diving is one of the safest sports/hobbies one can do (always following the rules of course), things can happen.
We are DAN Europe Business partners and we offer insurance for all levels of divers… recreational, technical, professional, diving centres. Plus travel insurance in the cost of two coffees every month (€6 - €9/month).

Click here to select a program:

Social Responsibility

CSR Program

Cool Experience Team members are active Volunteers and support Beach Cleaning AMKE and Deep Blue Project initiatives with services and equipment and act as safety staff in underwater cleanups.

We also offer certification with Padi Aware programs and seminars with Think Blue Project to businesses that have to do with the sea or to anyone that wants to learn or educate on environmental issues. The total profit of these programmes go as a donation to Padi Aware every month.

Diving Equipment

The ultimate dive shop!

As divers, of course, you need scuba gear, and lots of it so we have become authorised dealers for some of the biggest brands so we can offer them at great prices for you.

But equipment needs service… no problem we are also authorised service technicians of all the brands we sell.

Brands we work with

We offer retail and wholesale

Our Products

Find products from popular, trustworthy brands from around the world.

Premium Dealers of Huish Outdoor.

Bare Sports – Zeagle – Atomic Aquatics – Hollis – Oceanic – Stahlsac

Official Dealers

Nanight lights – XTAR
Shearwater – iRatio
Ocean reef
Cressi – Cressi Attelier
Tecline – Scubatech


Blue Robotics – OTS Ocean Technology Systems –
Underwater research tools and meters –
Commercial Divers Equipment

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