Why having a diver insurance is best practice even for Recreational Divers!

It’s always the same old story, whether its travel insurance, car insurance or scuba diving insurance…most of us never give too much thought to why it is so important to get scuba diving insurance or any insurance for that matter until it is too late!
It’s simply not worth the risk. For the little amount of money (it cost as much as two cups of coffee per month with the right insurance you are always covered worldwide. Cool experience is a DAN Business Partner one of the world’s best diving insurance companies.
At the end of the day, the best choice is having dive Insurance of any kind! Better be safe than sorry


As DAN Business Partners we offer Diving/Travel Insurances for all levels valid worldwide. 

Examples of insurance plans we offer:

1. Recreational Divers – price from 5€ / month
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Equipment loss coverage
  • 90 days abroad travel insurance
  • Covers up to TEC levels 130mt (Silver pack and above)
2. Dive Centers + Liability – Prices from 35€ / month
  • Coverage for all your students (unlimited)
  • Coverage for your associated instructors
  • Dive boat accidents
  • Legal support
  • Plus, many more benefits
2. Professional Divers + Liability – prices from 10€ /month
  • Insurance for personal accident
  • Coverage for all your students (unlimited)
  • Legal support
  • Plus, many more benefits

Click on the link below to see all the plans in detail. Cool experience can assist you in making the right choice!


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