Scuba Diving & Safety Courses

Our team here in Cool Experience offers a wide variety of training in courses in all the categories:

  • Scuba diving
  • Freediving
  • Rescue courses
  • EFR and First Aid courses
  • Environmental courses

We have training courses that are for kids under 8yrs, courses for Teenagers 10-16 and of course courses for Adults while we can train and certify you for all levels.

Recreational levels as a hobby or just for having fun. We also offer training for experts, like rescue courses in diving, or deep tech diving (up to 50mt with doubles) and even Trimix dives (coming soon).

Or maybe you want to add something extra to your income while doing you hobby or want to pursuit a career? We can train you from Snorkeler up to Master Scuba Instructor or EFR Trainer and assist you with developing your Business Plan.

A beginner needs only bathing suit and a towel to begin training (we offer everything)


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PADI Certificates

Have a look at the PADI Certificates we offer in the PDF below


Have a look at the thorough First Aid training we offer

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