Tec 50 Diver

When one tank is not enough!

Got certified as a PADI Tec 50 Diver

Further expanding our skill-set and certificates so we are always able to offer you the best quality services.


Ecotourism Greece is now officially our partner!
Together we will provide seminars and coaching and support for professionals in the tourism industry so they can provide better and more eco friendly practises for their clients and business.


The first version of our environmental seminar is ready!
In cooperation with Chrysovalanti A. Athinaiou, Engineer of Natural Environment Technologies T.E. and our teams experience in environmental issues we are proud to present our first Seminar simple and easy so everyone can attend it!
*See the workshop syllabus here


We have been nominated by PADI with the "2019 Elite 50 Instructor Award"!
The Elite Instructor Awards by PADI are nominated each year by PADI to members that have achieved something extraordinary.
For us the extraordinary accomplishment was issuing 50 different certifications within 2019.


We are now an official EFR Trainer!
Our founder, Timmy Gkantis, can train any individual to become an EFR instructor at all levels (Primary/Secondary Care, First Aid, AED, Oxygen provider and care for Children/infants program).
He can also crossover instructors of other agencies to Emergency First Response.


#StayHome #StaySafe
Our activities have been paused during the recent regulations from the Ministry of Health, until further notice.
Let's all take this opportunity to help #flattenthecurve and protect ourselves and our loved ones.
Till we meet again...


We are officially a tec instructor by PADI.
Our founder, Timmy Gkantis, can now conduct the PADI Tec40 and Intro to Tec programs.
He can also assist on training up to Tec50 Rating.


Cool Experience has the honour to become an official Cressi Service Center.
We can now officially offer repairing and maintenance services for your CRESSI equipment!


Cool Experience is a proud Xtar (Torches/Batteries/Chargers) dealer. Until our shop is ready, you can contact us so that we send you the full catalogue and help you with your purchase.


100% Aware Partner – Project Aware.
Every year we donate an amount το Project Aware. Moreover, for every donation our students make, we match and double it.